I have had the impression from both my father and Howard that my great grandfather W.O. Garrison was kind of a quiet man, overshadowed by the strong personality of his wife. He may have been, but this letter gives a different perpective.

This is a summary of what I have read so far, which is 1913-1916, plus parts of 1917 and bits of 1918-1919

Picture of Verne Garrison, ca. 1914

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Picture of Verne Garrison, ca. 1914

I found this picture in a letter that Verne sent to Dorothy in Feb. 1915. Verne and his father had moved to San Simon, N.M. in Jan. that year to homestead land from the government.

This picture looks to have been taken in Dallas before they left, so I deduce it to be around Christmas of 1914, and Verne sent it to Dorothy after his friend Hartwell made the print in Dallas. She was at UT Austin in the school years of ’14-’15 and ’15-’16.

Dear Dorothy: June 29, 1914

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I am awfully tired tonight and possibly my handwriting shows it. Yes, my job is good until tomorrow at noon, and then I will be free until the next time. I am sure glad that it didn’t last longer for I am sure that I would not have been able to have stood the strain.

Dear Dorothy: June 27, 1914

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I am slightly if not somewhat more than peevish. I offered to excuse the first card, but the second is unpardonable. This makes three letters that I have written and I’m sure that if I can find the time to write, you must be able to. You told me that if you received any cards from me that you would be awfully mad and would not answer.

Dear Dorothy: June 26, 1914

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“Cawn’t say old chap” as how I was overjoyed with the extreme length of the letter that I received from you this afternoon. I like to receive long letters but not chaptered novels. Well, I’ll excuse you this time if you beg hard enough. But you must write more next time, you promised to write me a  l o n g  one (get my metaphor).

Dear Dorothy: June 25, 1914

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Thurs night June 25

Dearest Dorothy,

This is an awfully bum excuse for a phone call I must say, and by the way that name which adorns the introduction, doesn’t sound the same on paper as it does over the phone; that is it doesn’t to me, I don’t know about yourself.

Verne’s first letter to Dorothy: Sept. 8, 1913

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Verne’s first letter to Dorothy: Sept. 8, 1913

Verne and Dorothy had their first date (other than a few in high school) in July, 1913. Verne sent this letter to D. in Mineral Wells.

Verne Garrison’s ocean front property in Arizona

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Did you know that Verne Garrison I owned 400 acres in San Simon, AZ, (now on I-10) for over 40 years, beginning several months before my dad was born in 1923?
When I wrote this note I did not know that W.O. and Verne had both worked homesteads in San Simon beginning in Jan. 1915. This was an attempt to establish Verne’s claim to his original homestead. I don’t know what the result was of this claim in 1923 or what happened to W.O.’s homestead, although eventually he and Bealle lived in Carrizozo, N.M. As I get further into the letters, I may get more details on the sequence of events. PNG 9-1-11