Dear Dorothy: June 29, 1914

Posted by Preston G. on August 2, 2011 at 1:25 pm
Aug 022011

Mon. night June 29


I am awfully tired tonight and possibly my handwriting shows it. Yes, my job is good until tomorrow at noon, and then I will be free until the next time. I am sure glad that it didn’t last longer for I am sure that I would not have been able to have stood the strain.

When I get through I will be able to write some long letters and incidentally will be able to take some pains with them.

I got through with the book I had today at twelve o’clock and this afternoon I helped Hartwell take some freak pictures. One picture is of Hartwell chasing himself around a tree and the other is of him kicking himself. Tomorrow we are going to take a picture of him in a whisky bottle.

Sweetheart I want you to go to Michigan and enjoy yourself, but you don’t know how I miss you. Last night I spent at the park and thought of where I had spent my previous Sunday evenings. Sweetheart I don’t know but things don’t seem the same. You will be gone all summer and I will have no one to see. (I don’t want to see anyone else.) I hate to think of it.

Well, my darling, take good care of yourself and remember that if you write and ask me not to forget you it is needless for I am sure that I think of you more than you of me.

“Lives of great men all remind you   [should be "us"]
As o’er their leaves we turn     [As their pages o'er we turn]
Never parting leave behind us    [that we're apt to leave behind us;]
Letters that we ought to burn”


Remember me often.

Lovingly yours,

Verne [I'm glad that she didn't burn them.]

Postmark: June 30, 1914
From: 3730 Travis Ave., Dallas
To: Sweetwater, TX  c/o N.M. Rogers.
Verne is 20. Dorothy is 19.

Editor’s note: Preston G. is reading through and occasionally transcribing several letters from Verne Garrison sent to Dorothy Logan during their courtship. My hope is that transcriptions of most or all of these letters will be posted here as time permits. Enjoy! – Cyndi W.

Preston G.

Retired biochemist. One of 16 grandchildren of Verne Garrison and Dorothy Logan Garrison.

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