The Adventures of Dorothy Garrison No. 1

Posted by Howard G. on September 30, 2011 at 6:29 pm
Sep 302011

The mystery of Peggy’s suitcase.

Mother was a professional worrier. I understand because I have some of the same inherited characteristics. Anyway, this adventure was exceptional. It happened while Peggy was a junior or senior in Texas Tech. She was returning to school after some time in Fort Worth. Dorothy took her to the suburban bus station in Fort Worth. After the bus pulled out, she spotted Peg’s suitcase on the dock. Instant panic. She had the stationmaster call the downtown terminal asking them to hold the bus until she could bring the suitcase. Someone loaded the suitcase into the trunk of her car, and away she went. At the downtown station, someone helped her transfer the suitcase to the cargo hatch of the bus.

About halfway to Lubbock a Fort Worth bus coming from the opposite direction signaled to the driver of Peg’s bus to stop.  They conferred.  Peg’s driver located her, opened the cargo hatch and pointed to the suitcase. He asked her if she recognized it.  She replied that it looked like hers.  He then said, “Peg, pick it up.”  It was extremely heavy as it was full of crockery. Peg’s suitcase, of course, was safely in the hold. I presume that the frantic bus rider eventually got her china ware back.

Howard G.

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