There was a letter from Verne to Dorothy in early Aug. 1916 in which D. had told V. that she had seen an obituary in the Dallas paper for a Mrs. Garrison that she thought was his grandmother. He wasn’t at first sure that it was really her, because he had not heard anything from the family, but it was, although of course she was really a step-grandmother (Sarah Moore Garrison) whom Cyndi recorded as dying July 24, 1916.

Verne says in the letter that despite being a step-grandmother (who had no children of her own with LPG) she had taken an interest in her grandchildren. Verne never knew his grandfather, Lovick Pierce Garrison, M.D., as he died in 1881.

I got momentarily distracted in looking back at her husband L.P. Garrison and did an internet search. I saw something I had not noticed before. At the site below, Lovick P. Garrison is listed as a private in the muster roll of Captain William Barton Wade Dent’s company of Heard County, GA, Volunteers in 1836. These were volunteers in an Indian war.

It would be interesting to know if he actually fought in any Indian skirmishes.

The following is a reprint from the Carroll Free Press (Carroll Co., GA)
Friday, Mar. 17, 1893:

“Muster roll of Captain William Barton Wade Dent’s company of Heard County Volunteers in 1836.”

There is material on Lovick Pierce Garrison in the archives of Steven F. Austin Univ. in Nacodoches, TX, (near Garrison, TX) but they don’t list any photographs. I would love to have a photo of this fellow. His direct male line apparently died out when Lovick P. Garrison III died in 1949. LPG III’s only known child,┬áLovick P. Garrison IV, died at age 12 in 1939. So it is unclear where to look for a photo, but there may be bits of an interesting bio in that box of stuff in Nacodoches.

Preston G.

Retired biochemist. One of 16 grandchildren of Verne Garrison and Dorothy Logan Garrison.

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