Verne Garrison’s ocean front property in Arizona

Posted by Preston G. on March 13, 2009 at 10:35 pm
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Did you know that Verne Garrison I owned 400 acres in San Simon, AZ, (now on I-10) for over 40 years, beginning several months before my dad was born in 1923? If you Google map San Simon and click on the little photo that comes up and then look east down I-10 Bus., on your right somewhere is one of the lots he owned.

There is a letter in the file on V.A.G.’s will from William Oscar G. to Verne in 1923 telling him that the land was available and he needed to strike while the iron was hot. Apparently he did – the deeds are there in the file – and they paid taxes on a good handful of town lots and 320 acres in the country until Granddad died in 67.
The land was carried on the roles at a valuation of $1 an acre. There is some indication that they at least plowed the 320 acres in preparation to try to grow  something.

The letter was sent from Webb, Az., about 40 mi. SW of San Simon.
Webb is now a ghost town. All of this is in Cochise Co., the southeasternmost county in Az, the one where Tombstone is and people like Geronimo, Johnny Ringo, Wyatt Earp hung out.

I think that William Oscar was out there because he worked for the railroad. I-10 follows the route of the SP tracks, and he must have thought that a town on the railroad was a good bet. W.O. was probably down in Webb because there was a railroad spur down there to pick up stuff that was being grown in that valley in 1923.

There is no indication that the land was ever sold – they may have just stopped paying taxes on it. There are 500 people now around San Simon and a nice looking school. But I doubt if any of the land is worth anything. There was an oil and gas lease too, but I haven’t looked into it. I think it was sold.


Preston G.

Retired biochemist. One of 16 grandchildren of Verne Garrison and Dorothy Logan Garrison.

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  1. Did W.O. work for the railroad? I’m assuming that Carl did, but Cyndi and I were wondering about whether W.O. did.


    • What I remember in family conversations is that the land was given or sold back to the government but that “We” retained the mineral rights. I guess those have been sold. I doubt if it would be worth the expense of a search today.

    • Carl was Chief Signal Officer for the SP and served during WWII in India is some kind of railraod work. I don’t think W.O. worked for the RR at least in any important capacity. I recall vaguely that he was pleased to get a job as a night watchman – but also very vague memory. The dominant personality was Grandmother Beale.

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