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Verne G. by late May, 1918 was working for the Associated Press receiving the news by telegraphy. During 1918, the world and Verne had a prolonged and very serious encounter with a new strain of the influenza virus. They didn’t even know what a virus was, but before long they knew that it was no joke.

Verne’s letters to Dorothy around Xmas 1917

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These are Verne’s letters to Dorothy around Xmas of 1917, right before he would leave to go to Los Angeles.

Letter from W.O. Garrison to Verne G. April 6, 1923

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Letter from W.O. Garrison to Verne G. April 6, 1923

This is the first page of a letter from W.O. Garrison (Verne’s father) to him in which he tells V. what he needs to do to document his homestead claim. The letter was 4 pages, but page 2 is missing. I don’t know what happened on the homestead claim, but there are no property tax receipts on this property in the file.

Verne bought lots in San Simon in 1921.

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Verne bought lots in San Simon in 1921.

This is a survey of the townsite of San Simon from about 1917. There is a similar map in Verne’s estate file that marks 8 lots that he bought for $50 in 1921. One of them is marked by a blue check mark on this map. Not sure what the red checks represent. V. bought these lots from a John and Mozella Rempel of Bowie, AZ. Got to love the wife’s name.

There are property tax receipts for at least one of the lots in the town of San Simon that indicate that V. paid taxes on it until his death in 1967. He sold a part of one lot in 1947 for $150 so got his investment back. Verne still believed in San Simon as an investment after he married Dorothy in 1919, and to some extent, for a long time thereafter.

*Sat. Jan. 26, 1918 L.A.

V. is going to school – on Mon, Wed and Fri all day and at night as well and on Tues and Thurs for 7 hrs. [He doesn't say what school.] He says he hasn’t seen anything interesting in Calif because all he does is eat, sleep and go to school. [But wait until you see what comes next!]

A Series of Sudden Decisions – Verne G. 1914-1918

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There is a recurrent pattern reflected in the letters from Verne to Dorothy. At the beginning of 1915, in Sept. 1916, in Sept. 1917 and in Jan. 1918 Verne made sudden moves to new places and new jobs. In none of these cases was the specific place or the job revealed at all in the letters before the move, although it is clear in each case in the letters leading up to the move that he was growing restless and somewhat frustrated where he was.

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This is all my notes and transcriptions of the letters as it stands at the moment. I have read all the letters through March, 1917, quite a few from later in 1917 and a few from 1918 and 1919, and the summary was based on that. I have taken notes on all the letters through July, 1915 and a fair number from 1917. I will fill in the gaps as I get a chance.

This is a very long post (20,000 characters), but I wanted to make it available to anyone who is impatient. It will help to read the summary posted earlier before you read this.

I have had the impression from both my father and Howard that my great grandfather W.O. Garrison was kind of a quiet man, overshadowed by the strong personality of his wife. He may have been, but this letter gives a different perpective.

This is a summary of what I have read so far, which is 1913-1916, plus parts of 1917 and bits of 1918-1919

Picture of Verne Garrison, ca. 1914

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Picture of Verne Garrison, ca. 1914

I found this picture in a letter that Verne sent to Dorothy in Feb. 1915. Verne and his father had moved to San Simon, N.M. in Jan. that year to homestead land from the government.

This picture looks to have been taken in Dallas before they left, so I deduce it to be around Christmas of 1914, and Verne sent it to Dorothy after his friend Hartwell made the print in Dallas. She was at UT Austin in the school years of ’14-’15 and ’15-’16.