Verne Garrison’s ocean front property in Arizona

Posted by Preston G. on March 13, 2009 at 10:35 pm
Mar 132009

Did you know that Verne Garrison I owned 400 acres in San Simon, AZ, (now on I-10) for over 40 years, beginning several months before my dad was born in 1923?
When I wrote this note I did not know that W.O. and Verne had both worked homesteads in San Simon beginning in Jan. 1915. This was an attempt to establish Verne’s claim to his original homestead. I don’t know what the result was of this claim in 1923 or what happened to W.O.’s homestead, although eventually he and Bealle lived in Carrizozo, N.M. As I get further into the letters, I may get more details on the sequence of events. PNG 9-1-11